Wood Pellet

We have extensive experience in domestic and commercial installations of the new generation of woodchip and pellet boiler systems. These systems are some 20% to 30% cheaper to run than the more traditional oil or gas fired systems.


The new generation systems are as far as possible, fully automatic, in most cases as long as the fuel store is full the only other manual intervention is to empty the ash bin. These systems are in some cases retrofit but in most cases require additional storage for the fuel and the boiler and lend themselves to new build.

The boiler units are larger than the traditional gas or oil counterparts; this is mainly due to the fuel handling and burner systems being larger.

Wood or “Biomass” systems are the future as the natural fossil based fuels become depleted and costs rise the only real sustainable fuel is wood, this can be readily burned to produce energy. Wood based systems also complete the carbon cycle and have little or no environmental impact, in some cases the fuel for these systems is grown locally which in turn cut down transport costs and provide additional revenue for the local economy.

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